15 Mar

    Travel to Manthali Airport  


    Distance:132km approx.                                                   Time : 4hrs drive.

    Pick Up :5hrs prior to flight time.Flight time: 6:00am from RCH to 10:00am 

    If your kathmandu to lukla flight has already confimed and falls in the duration of April 1sttill June 30th then your flight is to be diverted from Ramechhap to Lukla instead of kathmandu.Journey start from kathmandu almost 5hrs prior to flight time, almost around 1-2am to 4 am in the morning from kathamdu to reach manthali airport depending on the departure of your flight from RCH-LUA.
    Pick up from Hotel / Pickup location would be selected from where the journey start to the airport. It would take 30min to reach Bhaktapur and almost an hour to reach Dhulikhel from where you would head towards BP highway famously known as Sindhuli road. On your way is the Bhakundebesi which is mostly know for brick manufacturing. You can have a tea break in either Mulkot or Manthali if there are any option available.

    OVERNIGHT STAY : Only standard hotel available at Mulkot,Khurkot and Manthali.Do not expect much & almost are overbooked.

    If you like to avoid the midnight transfer to Airport then overnight stay at Mulkot, Khurkot or even Manthali seems to be the better choices. Mulkot has one of the best accomodation among all three ranging from $25- $45 per room without B&B plan. Manthali has least hotel with less facilities so its best to avoid the stay in Manthali. Some tent might be availble if requested earlier but let us remind it really hot during day-time in Manthali, since its just arround 450m elevation from sea level.

    From Manthali Bazzar it would take 15min to reach airport.Airport is not that managed and has less occupancy rate as well. Keep in mind you have to get adjusted even for waiting in line.Since its located in lap of mountains, you can see each airlines flying in & out.

  • Lukla flight Diverted : Everything you need to know.

    06 Mar

    Due to runway maintenance in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, all flights to/from Lukla is being diverted from Kathmandu Airport to Manthali Airport, Ramechhapfrom April 1, 2019, to July 30, 2019.

    Lukla Airport (photo credit : @hubertfitness)

    A formal statement to that effect has already been circulated by the airlines.  The Airport remains closed from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am starting from 1st april 2019. Lukla being the STOL sector and almost all flight scheduled from 6:00am, if operated after the opening of airport would also cause the heavy air traffic and we never can count on lukla weather so all the flights has been routed from Manthali Airport ramechapp instead of Kathmandu.

    The date and  time of the flights will remain the same as per the tickets confirmed. However, this will require you to travel to Ramechhap from Kathmandu on your way to Lukla and back to Kathmandu.


    Everything you need to know regarding the changes:

    For passenger  who have booked your flights with Nepflights,this is what we are planning to do:

    1. Take you directly to Manthali in a private vehicle 3-4 hours ahead as per your flight schedule so you can easily catch the flight without having to stay overnight. This will remove the hassle of finding accommodation. For e.g. If your flight time is 6:30 am, we will leave from Kathmandu around 2 am.
    2. At the moment there is very less chance of flight cancellation since flight is just 15-20 min from RCH-LUA. But in case of cancellation we are trying to coordinate with other company to accommodate via tent , however you have to manage the sleeping bag yourself. This is the worst case scenario we are talking about.

    The flight cost of USD 180 that you have paid for Kathmandu to Lukla flight through Nepflights will  include:

    1. The land transportation from Kathmandu to Manthali aka ramechhap airport..
    2. Flight from Manthali Airport to Lukla.
    3. Emergency tented Accommodation if needed. ( Prior confirmation required in case of emergency tent).

    About Manthali Airport

    Manthali Airport is located in the Tamakoshi River Valley in Manthali, the capital of Ramechhap District at an altitude of 474 m. It is located 132 kms east of Kathmandu and it takes 4.5 hours to get there from Kathmandu by road.

    It is a small town that doesn’t see many visitors ordinarily. Hence, accommodation facilities available are limited and the service level is not very high. With the large number of trekkers who will come here to catch their flights, it is highly likely that you not find accommodation in Manthali during the peak season of April- May.

    Getting to Manthali, Ramechhap

    1. Get a cab to Koteshwor
    2. Catch a local bus or regular jeep from Koteshwor Bus Parkto Manthali. Vehicles usually depart starting 6:30 am until 1 pm.

    This option will require you to stay overnight in Manthali.  


  • 5 tips for trekking in Everest Base Camp

    11 Jun

    Everest Base Camp is an ideal trek in the foothills of peaks above 8,000 meters. And is dream trek for many as they want to enjoy the close-up views of Mount Everest(8,848 meters)- the highest peak in the world.

    This is a popular and achievable trek. You do not have to be trekking expert for this trek.With proper information about the weather, accommodations, and the landscapes of the region you will have the memorable trek of the Everest Base Camp.

    Here are 5 tips for trekking in Everest Base Camp:

    1. Pack well (carry garbage bag too)

    When it comes to the mountain weather you can never predict the exact weather condition. The morning may be sunny and bright. While the afternoon cloud may block the mountain views and bring winds too. So if you plan for the Everest Base Camp trek better prepare for the weather change.

    It is better you carry sleeping bags, warm clothes, sunscreen, waterproof trousers, trekking shoes, and the like. These are the general things you need to pack whenever you go for this trek.  But, for specific seasons you have to pack special as the weather varies with the seasons.

    Along with your backpacks, it is wonderful if you carry garbage bag along. Many trekkers leave their wastes in the route. This has increased pollution in the route. It affects the beauty of the place. So, if you carry a garbage bag, it will be helpful to reduce the wastage you have produced on the trek route.

    Garbage issue is a serious problem on the trek route, why not contribute from our side???

    2. Take proper acclimatization

    Walking in the higher altitudes is a bit challenging than what you may have expected. Proper acclimatization is a must for walking better the next day. There’s a high risk of altitude sickness where you will not even realize you are falling sick.

    So, for this trek instead of running in a hurry, you need to take proper rest. Get familiar with the place and the weather. Also, collecting some pieces of information about the symptoms, prevention, and treatment will keep you alive high in the mountains. With this, you have two benefits, one you will have fewer risks of altitude sickness. And the other, you get to explore the landscapes around in leisure. Also, get insights into the daily life of the Himalayan Buddhists.

    There are enough of places like Namche Bazar, Khumjung, Khunde, Dingboche and many such villages for your acclimatization.

    3. Carry water bottles and water purification tablets

    While trekking at high altitudes, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Or you may feel lethargic and suffer altitude too. So, it is better to carry your water bottle whenever you walk.

    But in many places, you may not get filtered water or you may have to drink water directly from local sources. So, it is better if you carry a water purifier or tablets. While in remote locations you can not risk your health. So, better be careful of your health and sanitation. You can buy the tablets in Kathmandu.

    Also, if possible avoid junk food and meat products in the higher altitudes. It worsens your health conditions.

    4. Train well- prepare physically and mentally

    Walking in the completely rugged location, away from your comfort zone is not that easy. You never know what befalls upon you. You need to practice walking long distances, uphills, and the rugged roads before you go for this trek.

    Although the trek routes are well managed and infrastructures developed, sometimes you may not get expected experience. When in times of bad weather, you may have to stay for more days in Lukla because of flight delays. Or, you may not get proper accommodation in peak seasons. In such cases, you have to prepare yourself to compromise with the situation.

    If you travel in December, you may face heavy snowfall and extreme cold in high altitude. But you have to keep walking despite the cold. In that time you need to be physically fit and convince self emotionally too.

    5. Get proper Insurance

    Travel insurance is a must if when traveling at the higher altitudes. For Everest Base Camp Trek you should get the insurance that covers you adequately. You can not take chances in such places where you may even lose your life.

    Most of the travel insurance covers the insurance up to the height of 3,000 meters. But this insurance does not work if you are going for the Everest Base Camp. You need to take travel insurance that covers up to the height of 6,000 meters.

    Also, you need to make sure that your insurance covers a wide variety of accidents and illness. Better choose the insurance that covers helicopter evacuation in case of a serious problem. So that you get treatment on time.

    Sometimes, due to bad weather or some technical problems, the domestic flights to and from Lukla may cancel or get delayed. For such inconvenience, make sure your insurance policy covers flight cancellations and delays.


    Trekking in Everest Region is not much difficult as the altitude suggests. With proper information and guidance, you can avoid many problems in the trek. If you want to trek with a travel company, you can feel free to contact us. We promise to plan the best itinerary to suit your expectations.





  • Passenger traffic on airports of Nepal

    09 Aug

    Nepal , where only few people supposed to travel using the airlines but the fact is amazing yearly near 50000 people use the air way as their first medium to travel around the Nepal.


    Tumlingtat Airport


    Gautam Buddha Airport , Bhairawaha


    Bharatpur Airport, Chitwan


    Biratnagar Airport, Biratnagar


    Chandragadi Airport, Bhadrapur, Jhapa


    Dhangadi Airport, Dhangadi


    Janakpur Airport, Janakpur


    Jomsom Airport , Jomson


    Jumla Airport, Jumla


    Most Dangerous airport of Nepal, Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla


    Nepalgunj Airport, Nepalgunj


    Pokhara Airport, Pokhara


    Simikot Airport


    Surkhet Airport


    Tribhuvan International Airport, Domestic , Kathmandu


  • Domestic air fares dropped in Nepal

    05 Aug

    If you are planning for domestic travel then it will be a great news to you that the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal has announced to reduce the air fare by Rs.170 to Rs 580 depending on the distance and will be on effect from 7th of august. With this reduction in air fares air passengers are supposed to be increased. Due to climbing fuel costs, airlines had frequently increased their fuel surcharge and its impact was visible on passenger occupancy. In the last two years, airfares have gone up by Rs 2,000-2,500 on long-haul routes and Rs 700-1,000 on stol sectors.


    Air Fares Before and Now after Revised fare from AOAN
    Sectors Revised FSC (NRP)
    Total Bofore
    Revised FSC (USD)
    Total Before
    Fare FSC Total Now Fare FSC Total Now
    Kathmandu-Mountain 5100 4425+200 9725 10285 150 43+2 195 201.1
    Kathmandu-Pokhara 2360 1190+200 4550 4850 96 16+2 114 117.1
    Kathmandu-Bhairahawa 3060 2430+200 5690 6000 111 21+2 134 137.1
    Kathmandu-Lukla 2295 1615+200 4110 4250 144 15+2 161 163
    Kathmandu-Bharatpur 1595 1545+200 3340 3540 88 14+2 104 106.1
    Kathmandu-Biratnagar 3570 2725+200 6495 6845 118 25+2 144 147.1
    Kathmandu-Bhadrapur 4465 3245+200 7910 8320 144 28+2 177 181.1
    Kathmandu-Dhangadi 6570 4570+200 11340 11920 168 40+2 210 216.1
    Kathmandu-Janakpur 1910 1770+200 3880 4105 96 15+2 113 115.1
    Kathmandu-Nepaljung 4850 3465+200 8515 8955 147 30+2 179 183.1
    Kathmandu-Simara 1340 1325+200 2865 3035 82 13+2 97 99.1
    Kathmandu-Tumlingtar 2745 2430+200 5375 5685 110 24+2 136 138.1
    Pokhara-Jomsom 1340 940+200 2480 2680 100 9+2 109 111






  • Saurya Airlines started flights from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

    26 Jun


    Surya Airlines has started it’s flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj sector from 22nd June 2015. Airlines has decided to reduce the sector price upto 1600 and start selling on 3800. For now airlines is going to manage one daily flights.

    Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines has already regular flight in this sector.


  • My Expereince of First time Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa

    22 Jun

    This is the first time kathmandu – Bhairahawa flying story of Santosh Shrestha”

    Details of Kathmandu to Bhairahawa Sector : http://nepflights.com/blog/my-expereince-of-first-flight-from-kathmandu-to-bhairahawa/

    Kathmandu is my working place but i am permanent residence of Butwal, which was my birth palce. My parents lives there. As a office guy, I don’t have much holiday to frequently travel to my home. So I usually go there on festival like Dashain & Tihar. Most of time i travel by bus or bike. But last week, i got call from my home, my parents expecting me for some important works to be done. As it was the peak time for closing, i can’t ask my office to take long holiday so i decided to take 1 and half day leave and will take flight.

    Before it, i never fly from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa(but it doesn’t means my first time flight, last year my i fly from kathmandu to biratnagar for some office duties.) But it was first flight to Bhairahawa.

    Read this if you are flying for first time http://nepflights.com/blog/flying-for-first-time/


    i thought to book flight from travel agency so i asked my friends if they know some agencies, one my friend suggest to book online, he gave me link www.nepflights.com . It was cool and easy, i search and see the cost and time appropriate for my time(I was looking for last flight for day). i have never done any online booking previously, so i searched other travel agencies in google and call one of them.

    Lady pick my call and i asked her to book the flight for the day, she took time (i think she was searching in her computer) She said me the last flight was 4:30 pm on Buddha Air and the cheapest price is 4780. But i asked  her that is expensive to me, Is she can find the cheapest one (as i already checked rate in www.nepflights.com, the cheapest i found was 3200.) then she suggest me if i can do 8:30, she can manage. Finally i said i can’t go with both option, she suggest if i come to her office she will try to manage cost to some level. I said i will consider.

    Then i realize if i didn’t check online, i would pay expensive. I decided to go online. I have no online payment so i choose Cash on Delivery, after 2 mins i got call from the guy called Manish. He was calling me to confirm my ticket and give me some offline payment option. i like the option to pay on bank near me.

    Usually it take 6-8 hours on bus/bike, for first time i reach Bhairahawa at around half hour. I took bus from airport (lumbini road) to Buddhachowk and then Local micro from Bhairahawa to Butwal. It was something different feeling.


    You might also interested to : http://nepflights.com/blog/5-things-you-should-know-if-you-are-flying-for-first-time-in-nepal/


  • BBC says Lukla Airport is The World’s Most Extreme Runways

    17 Apr

    No doubt, people know Nepal for the most danger airport. The Tenzing Hillary Airport also known as Lukla airport is consider the most trilling airport which is the way to Everest Base Camp.

    Recently BBC published the article listing The World’s Most Extreme Runways.

    Nepal’s Tenzing Hillary Airport  is built for adventurers. Tucked high in the Himalayan town of Lukla, the airport’s 460m runway has a steep 12% incline, making it only accessible to helicopters and small, fixed-wing planes. To the north of the runway, there are mountains, and to the south is a steep, nearly 600m drop, leaving absolutely no room for error.

    Read this news in bbc here



  • Things you should know about Jomsom flight

    16 Feb

    Airport Name: Jomsom Airport (IATA: JMO; ICAO: VNJS)

    Location: Mustang (District), Dhaulagiri (Zone), Nepal

    Major Attractions: Muktinath Temple; Kaligandaki River; Annapurna Trek Route;

    Major Trek Routes like Kagbeni, Marpha and Mustang;

    Saligram (Fossil Stone); Kaligandaki River George (Deepest

    Gorge in the World); Mt. Annapurna; Mt.Dhaulagiri

    Airport Type: Public

    Airlines from Pokhara (PKR): Sita Air; Simrik Air (RMK 51, RMK 53, RMK 55); Tara

    Air (TA 193)

    Free Baggage: 15 Kg

    Flight Duration: 20 minutes

    One-way Ticket Fare: US $117






    Situated at an altitude of 2800m, Jomsom (also known as Dzongsam or New Fort) is a town and administrative headquarter of Mustang District. Best known for its spares vegetation and dry climatic conditions. Jomsom has two magnificent mountains ranging above 8000m; Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri. Jomsom is an ultimate paradise for trek freaks. With the best trek route in the world, the Annapurna Trek Route and other adventurous trek routes like Kagbeni, Marpha and Mustang; Jomsom is no doubt the best place to experience trek adventure in the world. Jomsom is not only a dream destination for adventure seekers but also the holiest place for the Hindu`s. Mukthinath being among the highest temple in the world is holiest shrine for the Hindus. Kalingandaki River, considered itself as the sacred river is the source of the holy stone “Saligram” which is considered as thedepiction of the Greatest Hindu Ditty “Lord Vishnu”. Direct flight for Jomsom is only available from Pokhara Airport. A 20 minutes flight from Pokhara around the huge magnificent mountains is enough to give you thetop of the world experience. Though  this place can be reached through road waybut Airway is the most common choice of people.

    If you want to experience the magic of nature then it is the work ground of nature. The dry desert like climatic condition with scars vegetation along with thedeepest gorge in the world “Kaligandaki Gorge” makes Jomsom trip anunforgettable experience. Get your albums ready for the best tour photos in the world.

  • Flight to lukla

    15 Feb

    Airport name:  Lukla airport/ Tenzing-Hillary Airport

    Location: Lukla, Solukhumbu District, Sagarmatha Zone, North- Eastern Nepal

    Airlines: Tara Air, Sita Air, Goma Air, Simrik Airlines

    Free Baggage: .Total 15 Kg (10 Kg luggage/ 5 Kg Hand carry)

    Flight Duration: 25-30 Minutes


    Lukla flight taking off

    Is thrill a thing of yours? If yes then Lukla airport is waiting for you at an altitude of 2860 meters (9,383 ft.). Commonly known as Lukla airport, Tenzing-Hillary Airport has a permitting weather condition with a very short and steep airstrip which makes it the unbeatable World`s Most Dangerous Airport. It lies in the Khumbu area of Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of North-Eastern Nepal. A flight of Half an Hour from the rush and turbulence of Kathmandu will take you to the serenity and calmness of Himalayas. This half an hour flight is enough for you to give the essence of heaven. If all these might only seem to be a snack for you then you might be wrong, because a whole buffet of mountain adventures, trekking etc. waits for you. Lukla being the gateway to Everest, airway transport is much preferred by mountain climbers and adventure seekers. Well facilitated Hotels and Lodge with varieties of Cuisines are available in adequate number. Twin –engine Dornier and Twin Otters of Simrik and Tara Airlines makes frequent daylight flight at daily basis. In total 4 airlines: Tara, Simrik, Goma and Sita Air operate their flight to Lukla. Flights at other time of the day aren’t suitable due to fluctuating weather and wind conditions. Some seasonal flights of Buddha Air and NAC are also available for certain period of time. In brief a flight to this awesome place would be a Lifelong Experience for you.