• Local foods to eat in Chitwan

    10 Jul

    Although Chitwan is a modern city, many parts of it are still in rural areas. Most of the part of chitwan is covered with dense forest. When you visit Chitwan, you are in Rural Tourism arena, for you have a direct affect on the lives of many villagers and rural folks. The food served there, consist of their own traditional taste. Dal bhat is the staple food of the area.


    The food served in most of resort and hotels of Chitwan, geared toward the Chitwan wildlife viewers, is mix of local and western food. You would get Nepalese, Continental, Indian, Thai, himalayan Chinese etc cuisine. you probably won’t belive that the chefs are able to satisfy your taste, since it is a rural area. But it is incredible to learn that the chefs are 100% ready to experience with every dishes listed. Momo, Sukuti Khaja Set and other Newa Cuisine also available here. Indian and traditional dishes are super tasty.

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    Chitwan itself an amazing district of Nepal with lots of diversity and culture from every part of Nepal, anything you want you can grab there at Chitwan, hance called 76th district of Nepal. Beside of this here are the some best local food served and special at Chitwan.

    1. Local Nepalease Terai/Tharu Style food

    There is a whole range of river side restaurant in sauraha which serve local Nepalese terai style food. Tharu, one of the largest group of people lived in terai, are ready to serve you their mouth watering traditional food with a great hospitality.



    2. Ghonghi , Delicacy of Snail

    One of the most common foods in the Tharu community of Nepal, Ghonghi is often catered as delicacy, just the way others serve chicken or mutton. Known as escargot in France, where it is served as a delicacy too, this species of snail is served with the ground linseed soup. Usually, this dish is eaten by sucking the snail from its shell and is available all over the market place in Terai where the Tharu community resides.


    3. TAAS ( Spicy fried goat-meat lunch dish served with Bhujia or Cheura)

    “Tass” a well known dish in the Nepalese Restaurant industry and a great compliment snack for the drink. It is the spicy fried goat-meat dish. It has been our favorite snacks since ages. Chitwan is known for the tasty, fresh “Taas” they served. You would never forget the taste of spicy “Tass”, served with Bhuja or Cheura, you tasted there.


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    4. Nepali Thali Set

    Mixed Taste of Bhatmas sadeko( roasted soya bean), alu tareko(potato fried), suruwa(soup) ets are starter with Nepali Thali set. sada bhuja(rice), kala dal(lentils), gravy chicken, roasted wild boar, Saag(seasonal fresh leaves), vegetables, and achar(homemade pickle) are main course and in desert, sikarni(Thick yogurt, shipped and mixed with dry nuts and cinnamon powder).Thali, according to me is the best way to relish Nepali traditional meals as you get to taste a variety of dishes in one go and the added advantage of this is you pay less and taste more.

    Nepali Thali

     5. Tandoori Chicken

    As a lover of Indian food, I searched and experimented for a long time before finally coming up with this recipe for genuine Indian restaurant-style tandoori chicken that you can make in your own home oven. Combination of  roasted chicken with yogurt and spices adds the taste of the era and will be the unforgettable for you.



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  • SubhaArambha Nepal Why Visit Nepal

    12 Apr


    Newyear is a time to re-energize, Newyear is a time to forget the past deed and march forward a new beginning. The best thing to do for a Newyear is to commit a resolution that you need to work on throughout the year and make it happen in reality.

    The resolution should be something productive, something that has the potential of bringing a brighter future. We Nepalese have a common belief that, if we start our year with good deeds and happiness, then the whole year will be as good as the first day.

    Taking this belief in consideration, let’s start our Newyear 2072 with a fruitful, patriotic deeds. We all might have once faced a situation, where we feel difficulties in introducing foreigners to our country, our national identity. There are different genuine facts about Nepal that are being manipulated by various hoax spreading medias, which ultimately leads to wrong information to the global community. Social Medias have become the integral part of our life. If used in an effective manners, Social Medias now have the potentiality of bring up a revolution.


    This Newyear lets make the best use of socials media and start the first day of Newyear by doing something to promote Nepal in global community. Let’s give world reason to visit Nepal. Land Of Gurkhas, Land Of Mount Everest, Birthplace of Buddha, 2nd richest country in water resources are some unique identities of Nepal. So let`s make the whole world know about it by using #WhyVisitNepal tag for a whole day on 1st Baishak,2072 from 12 AM to 12 PM, with a specific unique reason to visit Nepal. Unity among us has been successful in overcoming huge obstacles in the past, so let this unity again result in a trending topic in the world.


    1. Open your social medias like Twitter,Facebook etc. on 1st Bhaishak,2072
    2. Join the event www.facebook.com/events/875796115818174
    3. Post on Facebook and also Tweet on Twitter, a unique identity about Nepal as a reason to visit Nepal, with #WhyVisitNepal throughout the day ie. from 12 AM to 12 PM.
    4. Share this noble cause with your friends and insist them too, to promote and be the part of this campaign.

    Example: Nepal, The Land Of Brave Gurkhas #whyvisitnepal.






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