• What Travelers should be aware, when travelling to post-disaster Country like Nepal?

    16 Aug


    This is the 3rd question #ttot in discussion topic Nepal after Earthquake.

    It’s not easy to convince the travellers to invite immediately on the place where disaster occurred. The reason they feel it might be troublesome to be affected people they don’t want to be there enjoying their moment. But another side, going those place will be the relief to the local people, they will get income.

    So here is the list of concerns suggested by the people who participated on #ttot

    1. Be aware of your surroundings, listen to your local guide and be sensible

    2. Don’t pretend you are there to help if you are not. don’t take advantage of the people’s misfortunes!

    3. The smallest of gestures can make the biggest impacts.

    4. People will want to go on with their lives and not be constantly reminded of *that day* by all too curious visitors.

    5. That the locals are more than their environmental disaster & respect, not pity, is probably what’s needed most.

    6. This is where correct info is vital. Where is ‘off limits’ and where is ‘safe’. Last thing you want to do is hinder/annoy.

    7. Be aware with the situation there, keep updating with the news and don’t worry, just go with tons of ideas to help them!

    8. Be sensitive to the situation, employ a local guide and be guided by their wisdom, contribute only where/how appropriate

    9. Be more aware than ever that you are a guest and should be open-minded and respectful at all times.

    10. Post-disaster areas require a delicate and balanced approach to tourism. They need the money, but they also need time to rebuild

    11. do your research before you go, and find out which areas to avoid and where you can help

    12. Expect to be flexible. If infrastructure is damaged, you’ll need to change your plans. Take precautions & travel wisely.

    13. Your own limits and abilities, and reasons for going. Be respectful, resourceful and well researched.

    14. Soak up the beauty & take the time to talk to the locals. Relish the time you’re there.

  • Tourist Arrival Data of 2014 comparing with 2013

    14 Aug


    Indicators 2013 2014 % Change
    Tourist Arrival by:
    AIR 594848 595981 -1.51
    LAND 202768 204137 0.67
    TOTAL 797616 790118 -0.95
    Male 449058 445627 -0.77
    Female 384558 344491 -11.63
    By Age group:
    0-15 years 46262 50441 8.28
    16-30 years 190630 185685 -2.66
    31-45 years 237690 235738 -0.83
    46-60 years 195416 183582 -6.45
    61+ years 115654 106666 -8.43
    Not Specified 11964 28007 57.28
    Purpose of Visit:
    Holiday/Pleasure 410934 395849 -3.81
    Pilgrimage 71610 98765 27.49
    Trekking & Mountaineering 102001 97185 -4.96
    Official 37386 32395 -15.41
    Business 28183 24494 -15.06
    Conference/Conv. 15552 13432 -15.78
    Others 46792 53728 12.91
    Not Specified 77623 74271 -4.51


  • How can International Community can help tourism sector to recover after Eathquake?

    07 Aug


    This is the another question of #TTOT in discussion topic Nepal, which was held on 4th August of 2015.

    If you missed last time, see this was the first question:

    What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal Now after Earthquake   http://nepflights.com/blog/what-are-the-concerns-of-tourist-about-travelling-to-nepal/


    Nepal is always well supported by every country. Specially after earthquake, We all know thousands of people were on ground to help and also millions were supported remotely. Which is the significant reason how Nepal started recovering fast. But the tourism industry which likely to be the long term affected need more supports and more time.

    If you are thinking how can you help Tourism of Nepal, here are the suggestion we got from lots of people, who were on #TTOT discussion.

    1. Promote & support credible tour operators associations or organisations that we know to get the message out that “doors are open”

    2. Show people it’s still beautiful and encourage clients not to be put off of travelling.

    3. Travel with responsible tour operators like our friends and help the economy, stay & buy local.

    4. Promote it. But responsibly. Talk about it. Spread the word! .

    5. Promote for ex. Nepal Embassy in Singapore, Thailand and Laos “Nepal is Safe”.

    6. Visit! Talk about Nepal! Write posts about Nepal! Promote aid organisations helping the rebuild and recovery

    7. Share information, educate & find out what is needed by communicating with the tourism authorities in Nepal.

    8. Ideally, book a holiday there! If, understandably, that’s not possible, write and talk about it; keep it in the public conscious.

    9. Support the communities by travelling in a Meaningful way. Stay in homestays, opt for eco treks, support local guides & porters.

    10 Those who went recently can stress that there’s no reason not to go, show us the beautiful country & people.

    11. Revive old blogs/posts we’ve written about Nepal to increase traveller’s desires/confidence to go

    12. Be aware of issues, organisations working on relief & learn what we can do that will be effective to the Nepalese community.

    13. If choosing to travel with a ‘voluntourism’ company, check their credentials/testimonials are they really contributing?

    14. Continue talking, writing and spread the word to keep it in the public eye

    15. Talking about it is a great start, as with Greece, but there is a real threat of confusion, misinformation and inaction.

    16. Be one of the first to reopen the tourism industry in Nepal and just GO!

    17. Pressure governments to attenuate and update the warnings of travelling to Nepal

    18. Being a responsible traveller, do whatever we can. Explore the Nepal by exploring blog, places and many more

    19. Bloggers are ideally placed to give realistic views of any area and dispel the media paranoia, misinformation and misapprehension.

  • What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal?

    05 Aug


    When ever crises happened in any country, tourism always have a long term impact. The first downfall start from cancelled booking and for worst cost it may take long time to make it normal as earlier. There is no doubt 7.8 magnitude of earthquake happened on 25th April and aftershocks has badly hit the tourism sector of Nepal.

    It passed more than 3 months, and it seems most of other industry seems almost back to normal. But the tourism of Nepal which depend on the foreigners at maximum still struggling to tell the world Tourism Activities is back to business in Nepal. And even good than ever, People are promoting a destination than their company and service.

    It is going on positive way but it look like there need to work more to tell what Nepal is Now.

    So on 4th August of 2015, Hjörtur Smárason, who was in Nepal for few days to train the NepalNow Task team, bloggors, reporters and Tour Operators on how to promote during this crises proposed Nepal as topic of discussion in #TTOT.

    The first question was on what is the concerns of foreigner about travelling Nepal? And here is what people said:

    1. I can’t go Nepal right now.
    2. I don’t have any concerns, I’d go tomorrow, genuinely I would drop everything to return to a favourite place
    3. I wouldn’t want to be seen as a “disaster tourist”. From a purely practical viewpoint: Getting anywhere might be troublesome now
    4. I’d hate to think my requirements as a visitor took people or equipment away from rebuilding infrastructure
    5. I worry that by going there, we may cause more hassle than benefit to the local communities who actually need to re-build.
    6. People thinking it’s not safe anymore. Nepal is such an incredible place – definitely one of our favourite
    7. Receiving accurate credible information. So many conflicting reports & warnings from governments & press
    8. Worrying about being a hindrance. Most people want to help, but sometimes flocking to ‘help’ might not actually be helpful.
    9. Maybe joining a enuine and useful NGO as a volunteer would be best. I’d be up for that too
    10. Worried I would be getting in the way of relief efforts. An extra person in a country where I am not currently ‘wanted’
    11. Taking valuable beds/accom from those who need them more would be my primary concern.
    12. nothing to worry about, it’s actually your time to give hand or help to re-build. Why not travel and volunteer altogether?
    13 If I was going right this minute then my own ignorance. I’ve caught the odd documentary over the years, but nothing encyclopedic.
    14 Understanding the background of the current political and social conditions
    15. We think tourism can only be a positive force for Nepal. The country is simply beautiful & its people so welcoming
    16. While many tourists have good intentions, without informed guidance they can do more harm than good.
    17. At times like this I am strikingly aware of my lack of any useful skills whatsoever. Best to leave it to the people who can help.

    It looks like people are stuck with Earthquake incident only and they don’t know the changed after it. The news and the messages comes from the different media and INGO is making them confusing which means they need some evidence than just saying.


    Are you agree with this? Or you have different concerns? Write the comments and help us to recover the Tourism of Nepal.

  • Nepal Tourism Recovery : World Vs Nepal Post Analysis

    27 Jul

    After 4.24.2015 Earthquake of Nepal, people from every corner of the world come to help Nepal, Undoubtedly Most sectors of Nepal recovered and back to normal life in very short time.  Without support of media, international organization and individuals, it wouldn’t be possible. There was the news, From the crowd funding sites alone, people support around 100000000000 USD money. Beside this, most of the nation came to Nepal to show the support and commit 400000000000 to Nepal Government for rebuild process. We can say it was the big achievement that Nepal won the heart of World.


    But these have some dark sides also, Specially the Tourism is one of the sectors, which seems it directly affected for long. Tourism Business depends on the people come to Nepal to enjoy holiday, but the image we created on the way is too much disastrous to this industry. People feet pity about country can’t enjoy. So now, it created the situation where whole industry is together to show the exact reality of Nepal. Everyone is contributing the bring tourism back and show Nepal is back to business and Nepal need you now.


    The promotion we created as World Vs Nepal was one of our efforts to support industry. So here is the background how we come up this idea.


    1. There was the similar idea of World Vs Dubai to show what really Dubai is. So we inspired with it.
    2. We met few journalist and activist who came to Nepal for reporting and supporting, they told they found the situation very different here that which they imagine.
    3. We found some organization/media were still sharing the same image of earthquake even after 2 months which created the image of still devastated  in Nepal.
    4. We asked our foreigner friends  what come to your mind about Nepal now.
    5. Nepal Tourism Recovery | Strategies and Action group has developed FAQ to handle the queries come from foreigners with same way, so they won’t be confuse with different response. http://nepaltraveladvisory.blogspot.com/2015/06/frequently-asked-questions-post-quake.html
    6. Most of the countries Travel Advisory is restricted their citizen to travel all place of Nepal,

    We are really surprised to see the result we got from the campaign and here is what we found in one week.



  • What world think about Nepal after earthquake Vs reality?

    20 Jul

    Nepal is fighting for After Earthquake equation, which is bringing unexpected outcomes on nation’s economy, Indirectly there is not any sector which haven’t impacted after all but tourism is one of the area which make direct sense.
    It is because of the message given by media and INGO, but the problem is the people itself, Because they don’t go to the root of problem and decide them selves.
    So here is what people around the world think about Nepal after earthquake.


    airport BANK damaged Everest hotel Kathmandu route

  • Adventurous things to do in Chitwan

    10 Jul

    Here’s listing the top 5, you just have to try while you are in Chitwan. Let your senses sink in these ultimate experiences.

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    • Elephant Ride

    Elephant Safari, travel through open grassland and dense forests on elephant back in search of rare animals.The elephant safari is one of the best ways to spot wildlife from up close. Because the elephants can come close to other animals without them noticing that there are people on the elephant’s back, you can come up to 1 meter from other animals. Be on the look out for the great one horned rhino, four species of deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison and the big one, The Royal Bengal Tiger. After the ride you can also visit the elephant breeding centre where you can play with elephants babies.


    • Jungle Safari

    Do you know how to save yourself if you are being chased by one-horned rhino while going for a jungle walk? The answer is- It is zig zag back back and forth every four meters.  Chitwan National Park, the natural World Heritage SIte, encompases sight of crocodiles, great one-horned rhinos, deer, and tigers while you are out for a jungle safari.Nepal is one of the few places in the world where you can actually walk in jungle or rent a jeep for safari. There are special itineraries for jungle safari itself i.e 3 days and 2 nights to 5 days and 4 nights especially for great one horned rhinos. If you are lucky enough chitwan is one of the place for sighting Royal Bengal tiger on foot.



    • Canoe Ride

    Canoeing, a traditional dugout canoe takes you on a silent trip down the Rapti River to view birds, crocodiles and the animals of the river bank. During the trip you are accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the animals. Off course you don’t have to peddle yourself as a boatman joins the ride.It is also a relaxing way to watch birds and wildlife species that frequently come to drink water and bath.Canoe Ride

    • Cycling

    Cycling is the best eco-friendly way to rome around the national park as well others places. Being in a cycle you would not scare away the animals around you as well.Cycling around the forest of chitwan is the best way to spots one horned rhinos, gharial crocodile in the shore of river, and bird watching as well.Often tourist ride to twenty thousand lake in cycle since it the place to go for. Just be assured not to wear bright color since they would scare the animals off. Cycling is the best way for observing the typical tharu villages.


    • Bird Watching

    For ornithologists and amature bird-watchers, the Chitwan National Park offers excellent possibilities with more than 564 species recorded. If you are a bird watcher  then chitwan is the best place to fly from kathmandu.An early morning walk along the Rapti river is the must for the birds lover in Chitwan. There are many species of parakeets. Other birds include Blue-Throat (thrush), Long-tailed Nightjar, Indian Peafowl, Great Barbet, red-billed blue magpie and Tickell’s red-breasted blue flycatcher. And if you miss some of these then a lot of ponds are present within the reserve and park. Around such ponds you can a lot of extraordinary species like the Crested Serpent-eagle and Grey-headed Fish-eagle.



  • Local foods to eat In Pokhara

    10 Jul

    No matter where we go, where we travel, at some point, we will like to eat. the empty appetite will ruin all the excitement of the trip.I always look for the mouth watering food and the specialities of the place I visited, so that I can taste the new food and remember that throughout my life. I guess, the same for you too.

    Pokhara serves different types of food as per your need. there are many national and international restaurant, serving you your desired food. For Korean food,Natsal Restaurant; for Chinese food,China Town Restaurant; for Italian,Caffe Concerto; for thai, Krishna’s Kitchen; for japanese,AoZoRa and Koto; for himalayan,Potala Tibetan Restaurant; for french,Metro; for indian,Marwadi Restaurant, and many more. some restaurant like Moondance Restaurant, serves international food.

    with so many option and so little time to cover all the excitement in a city of adventure, pokhara, here are top 5 food you should not miss, no matter with your taste.

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    1. Fried trout Fish

    As we all know summer and sea food go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whenever I reach lake side, Pokhara, only word that strike my mind is, fish. word cant describe the taste of fresh fish caught from phewa tal,and around the city, the attractive Newari design Restaurant with a bamboo porch draped in flower pots, of pokhara adds more on the taste.  The food is served in reasonable price and in friendly environment.

    Fried trout fish
    2.”Yogurt in Love ” frozen yogurt

    I prefer Frozen yogurt while i am walking in the lake side or boating. Frozen yoghurt is similar to ice-cream, but is made using yoghurt instead of cream. Like ice-cream, it is available in different flavors. Customers can add 20 different types of toppings like seasonal fresh fruits and dry fruits, chocolate chips, nuts and Oreo cookies crumbles, among others in the frozen yogurt as per their choice.If you are against ice cream, its the best way I could suggest you to make your summer cool.

    Frozen yougurt
    Want a adventure and thrill Book bungee and zipflyer directly from Nepflights.com

    3. Macchhapuchre Kiss

    Thankfully for anyone having the sweet tooth like mine, Pokhara serve Machhapuchhre kiss. No word, just don’t know how to describe it… I guess you just have to try it. It is absolutely devine. for me, it is the best desert in the “world”.Macchapuchre kiss


    4. Nepali Thali set

    Bhatmas sadeko( roasted soya bean), alu tareko(potato fried), suruwa(soup) ets are starter. sada bhuja(rice), kala dal(lentils), gravy chicken, roasted wild boar, Saag(seasonal fresh leaves), vegetables, and achar(homemade pickle) are main course and in desert, sikarni(Thick yogurt, shipped and mixed with dry nuts and cinnamon powder).Thali, according to me is the best way to relish Nepali traditional meals as you get to taste a variety of dishes in one go and the added advantage of this is you pay less and taste more.

    Nepali Thali

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    5. Homemade pasta and decent Pizzas

    Fresh dough, sauce blended of vine ripened tomatoes and spices, hand tossed pasta with the freshest ingredients, is simple awesome.I will never again be able to enjoy “normal” pizza without dreaming about this. Yummy!!

    Home made pizza

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  • Top 5 Adventurous things to do in Pokhara

    10 Jul

    Do you consider yourself an adventure enthusiast? Are you travelling to Pokhara? If yes, then you are in luck! Pokhara is the place to go in nepal to indulge in some of the most exciting and thrilling activities, some of which, we have listed for you below.

    Here’s listing the top 10, you just have to try while you are in Pokhara. Let your senses sink in these ultimate experiences.

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    1. Paragliding

    Drift gracefully from take-off at Sarangkot (1592m). Enjoy as you glide over Monasteries, the beautiful Phewa Lake and lush green forest. More than 250flights are conducted in a day during the peak season.A reserve chute is provided to you adding to the safety factor. However, it  being an extreme adventure sport, some risks are involved. The biggest risk is the sudden change in the wind during takeoff and landing.




    2. Bungee

    Highground Adventures hosts the one and only tower bungee located in pokhara. It can be reached by a 20 minutes drive from lakeside. The bungee has a vertical height of 70 meters which allows 3 seconds of freefall. The bungee experience is complemented by the spectacular Himalayan scenery.

    Bungee in pokhara



    Its here! The tallest, the longest and the steepest zipflyer in the world. Your adventure trip to nepal will not be complete without experiencing this 1.8 km long zipflyer. You will experience speed upto 120 kmph during the 2 minutes descend. The zipflyer has an incline of 56 Degree and a vertical drop of 600 meters.  If you love adventure and thrill you can’t go wrong with this.

    Zip Flyer

     Book bungee and zipflyer directly from Nepflights.com


    The Ultra light flight is a great way to see spectacular mountain peaks, Giant lake and sceneries of pokhara.Ultra Light Aircraft is a small light weight airplane with an engine. Once you have taken off into the air, this aircraft, in the right conditions can switch off its engine and glide through the air almost like a hand glider. The cockpit can be either enclosed or open depending on the aircraft. It gets its name for its lightweight frame. The Ultra light flight gives you thrill and excitement of being in the air dependent on the wind, yet it does not involve any risk or danger.The cockpit has enough room for you and the pilot.


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    5.Cave Exploring

    Pokhara is the home to some of the most interesting cave  in nepal.If you are adventurous enough and you are not afraid of dark or bats then you should definitely go for some cave exploring in pokhara. There are numbers of caves in pokhara among which Mahendra cave, chamero cave and Gupteshwar cave are the known ones. Mahendra cave now do not have exit gate so you need to return back the same entrance you went through. If you are afraid of dark also there are some lights inside of mahendra cave. Another thrilling cave is chamero cave, as the name suggests there are the places for bats, so if you are afraid of bat then this is not the place for you unless you are Batman. Another cave from where you can view the majestic waterfall of Davis fall is Gupteshwar cave. Inside this cave you would feel the breezes of water from davis fall.


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  • Local foods to eat in Chitwan

    10 Jul

    Although Chitwan is a modern city, many parts of it are still in rural areas. Most of the part of chitwan is covered with dense forest. When you visit Chitwan, you are in Rural Tourism arena, for you have a direct affect on the lives of many villagers and rural folks. The food served there, consist of their own traditional taste. Dal bhat is the staple food of the area.


    The food served in most of resort and hotels of Chitwan, geared toward the Chitwan wildlife viewers, is mix of local and western food. You would get Nepalese, Continental, Indian, Thai, himalayan Chinese etc cuisine. you probably won’t belive that the chefs are able to satisfy your taste, since it is a rural area. But it is incredible to learn that the chefs are 100% ready to experience with every dishes listed. Momo, Sukuti Khaja Set and other Newa Cuisine also available here. Indian and traditional dishes are super tasty.

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    Chitwan itself an amazing district of Nepal with lots of diversity and culture from every part of Nepal, anything you want you can grab there at Chitwan, hance called 76th district of Nepal. Beside of this here are the some best local food served and special at Chitwan.

    1. Local Nepalease Terai/Tharu Style food

    There is a whole range of river side restaurant in sauraha which serve local Nepalese terai style food. Tharu, one of the largest group of people lived in terai, are ready to serve you their mouth watering traditional food with a great hospitality.



    2. Ghonghi , Delicacy of Snail

    One of the most common foods in the Tharu community of Nepal, Ghonghi is often catered as delicacy, just the way others serve chicken or mutton. Known as escargot in France, where it is served as a delicacy too, this species of snail is served with the ground linseed soup. Usually, this dish is eaten by sucking the snail from its shell and is available all over the market place in Terai where the Tharu community resides.


    3. TAAS ( Spicy fried goat-meat lunch dish served with Bhujia or Cheura)

    “Tass” a well known dish in the Nepalese Restaurant industry and a great compliment snack for the drink. It is the spicy fried goat-meat dish. It has been our favorite snacks since ages. Chitwan is known for the tasty, fresh “Taas” they served. You would never forget the taste of spicy “Tass”, served with Bhuja or Cheura, you tasted there.


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    4. Nepali Thali Set

    Mixed Taste of Bhatmas sadeko( roasted soya bean), alu tareko(potato fried), suruwa(soup) ets are starter with Nepali Thali set. sada bhuja(rice), kala dal(lentils), gravy chicken, roasted wild boar, Saag(seasonal fresh leaves), vegetables, and achar(homemade pickle) are main course and in desert, sikarni(Thick yogurt, shipped and mixed with dry nuts and cinnamon powder).Thali, according to me is the best way to relish Nepali traditional meals as you get to taste a variety of dishes in one go and the added advantage of this is you pay less and taste more.

    Nepali Thali

     5. Tandoori Chicken

    As a lover of Indian food, I searched and experimented for a long time before finally coming up with this recipe for genuine Indian restaurant-style tandoori chicken that you can make in your own home oven. Combination of  roasted chicken with yogurt and spices adds the taste of the era and will be the unforgettable for you.



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