• Top 5 things to know about Flights to Pokhara

    04 Jul
    City of Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

    City of Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

    Do you know Pokhara is the most flying sector of Nepal after Kathmandu? Did you know Pokhara is the best destination for spending holiday in Nepal.

    Facts about Flights to Pokhara

    1. There are 3 airlines operate for flights to Pokhara. Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines and Simrik Airlines

    2. Every week more than 100 domestic flights operate from Pokhara Airport.

    3. The standard Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight Fare is 117 USD

    4. The first flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu is at 8 AM but it may change upto 30-60 min according to season.

    5 The total time taken to fly Pokhara from Kathmandu is 25 mins


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