• How to escape from burden in airport of Nepal

    09 Apr

    When You’ll land into the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu and the one & only international Airport : Tribhuwan International Airport. The strange things will start when you’ll see the airport. It isn’t big like you have been of coming from. Everything looks like manual, queue, filling the papers. You have to painstakingly fill the form for immigration officer and wait in queue.Remember you don’t have any better option. Then you go for collecting your luggage and I am sure you will be shocked to see what you have never seen in your life. There will be some people asking if you want a trolley, “Trolley is free but people may expect money for pushing your bag”. People like you are around the conveyor belt and wait for the bags.It’s literally unsure that how much time will it take, Even the Business class people may need to wait long. There might be chance to exchange of bag, so you should be very alert for your bag. If you think someone took your bag unknowingly, you can ask them gently or there will be some police stand by.

    Kathmandu Airport

    Once you get your luggage, you have to go for the security pass. There are some standing Security person, they may asked you questions or ask you to show ticket and bag tags. Most of the case, they select you on the base of your bags size or how suspect you look like.


    Quick Tips:

    • Getting through Kathmandu Airports immigration queues
    • Fill out your arrival papers on the plane once they are handed out
    • Try to be on ahead after departure from plane
    • Arriving into the immigration lounge, take right note (Nepalese passport holders / foreign passports) from the counters and fill them while queuing
    • There are usually two counters jump into the queue for the one to get your paperwork stamped and get a bill for your visa
    • Once you have your bill, turn around to the counter behind you and shuffle your way into the queue
    • You are now in the payment and passport stamp queue. Make sure you have your paperwork and passport held up otherwise you might get mistaken for the mass of people queuing to get the visa bill over your paperwork, money and passport
    • Get stamped in and leave


  • How to book domestic flights in Nepal

    04 Dec


    Are you wondering how to book domestic flights in Nepal? Don’t worry, read this article and know full about it.

    The only short way to reach at destination in Nepal is by flights. For example, flight distance from Kathmandu to Pokhara is 25 minutes to 30 minutes in stead the unsure 6 hours land transportation. Everyday the flights are scheduled from 8:50 AM to 3:50. PM there. There are more than 20 flights schedule everyday operated by different airlines only for Pokhara. The connecting airports are Tribhuwan Domestic Airport and Pokhara Airport. While you are flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara, you will fly over the snow capped Himalaya to the north and green mahabharat range to the south. So flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara will be amazingly thrilling.

    There are 3 ways to book flights

    Book from Travel Agents

    Travel agents are the authorized organization to do travel business in that country. For example There are around 2500 registered travel agencies in Nepal and may be some numbers are not registered. Most of the companies has physical office in different cities and tourist place to assist tourist. They have connection with the different service provider of tourism’s ecosystem. One of the function is to book flights for tourist. When tourist need the flight, they can find the nearby travel agencies and ask for ticket. So they can provide the tickets. They usually work on the off-line cash based service. The additional benefited to contact travel agencies is they can give advise and consulting for your trip. But also the disadvantages of getting cheated, specially by charging you maximum cost.

    Book from Online Travel Site

    Tourism business can’t sustain with out online footprint. So today every travel agents and other tourism business company has websites and/or mobile apps. The good thing about this is, now people can search them in google and tackle through websites. So it saves your time and effort to reach the station of travel agents. But the problem might be identification of them.

    There are two kinds of online travel portal:

    Direct Flight Booking

    If you can book ticket with our any assistance than booking will be obviously easily, for example in Nepal There is one online portal called www.nepflights.com which operate at the real time. So if you need flight you can just check your sector, compare the flights, pay online and get tickets. So you don’t need to bother for long time. It save your time as well as money.

    Indirect Flight Booking

    Most of the travel website has this function, they ask all the information to book the flights, check offline and respond you in email. The only drawback is unsure. You can’t assure your ticket until you see. You have to act very manually on each and every steps.

    Airlines Website

    One of the best idea could be airlines website. But this is very tricky you have to check each and every websites and have to find the best suit for you.

    What I can recommend you is online ticket booking platform. Which have multiple benefits: It will show all the airlines availability, cost is be attractive factor for them, They show multiple way to book ticket, customer acquisition and retention is the major priority for them. So you will be in priority.

    Tips: try to find out discount coupon and group deals !!


  • Saurya Airlines has officially started commercial flights

    17 Nov
    Flight of surya airlines

    Surya Airlines plane

    Finally the new start up airlines, Saurya Airlines has succeed today to fly on the sky. It started mountain flight at morning and later it flew for Biratnagar. This is the first commercial flight of this new domestic airlines. The newest airlines, Saurya brought a 50-seater Bombardier CRJ-200 jet to serve long-haul domestic routes on 18 August. Airlines had completed the fourth phase of documentation last month and got clearance to flight last thursday. The airline plans to conduct flights between Kathmandu and Dhangadhi, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa and Bhadrapur besides charter and mountain view flights. For now, the airlines has finalized the regular morning one mountain flights, one flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and two flights for Kathmandu to Biratnagar.

    The flights can afford 54 passengers but for now they are using only 50 seats. As per them, with our making any compromises on safety, Airlines forward their major focus on quality service, on time performance and affordable fares.

    The airlines is planning to bringing another same plane for domestic flights with in 3 months. After arrival of another plane, it will extend the service for Nepalgunj, Dhangadi and Bhadrapur

    See the fleet of plane here


    See more picture

    Saurya Airlines flights

    Saurya Airlines flights

    sarya airlines