• How can International Community can help tourism sector to recover after Eathquake?

    07 Aug


    This is the another question of #TTOT in discussion topic Nepal, which was held on 4th August of 2015.

    If you missed last time, see this was the first question:

    What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal Now after Earthquake   http://nepflights.com/blog/what-are-the-concerns-of-tourist-about-travelling-to-nepal/


    Nepal is always well supported by every country. Specially after earthquake, We all know thousands of people were on ground to help and also millions were supported remotely. Which is the significant reason how Nepal started recovering fast. But the tourism industry which likely to be the long term affected need more supports and more time.

    If you are thinking how can you help Tourism of Nepal, here are the suggestion we got from lots of people, who were on #TTOT discussion.

    1. Promote & support credible tour operators associations or organisations that we know to get the message out that “doors are open”

    2. Show people it’s still beautiful and encourage clients not to be put off of travelling.

    3. Travel with responsible tour operators like our friends and help the economy, stay & buy local.

    4. Promote it. But responsibly. Talk about it. Spread the word! .

    5. Promote for ex. Nepal Embassy in Singapore, Thailand and Laos “Nepal is Safe”.

    6. Visit! Talk about Nepal! Write posts about Nepal! Promote aid organisations helping the rebuild and recovery

    7. Share information, educate & find out what is needed by communicating with the tourism authorities in Nepal.

    8. Ideally, book a holiday there! If, understandably, that’s not possible, write and talk about it; keep it in the public conscious.

    9. Support the communities by travelling in a Meaningful way. Stay in homestays, opt for eco treks, support local guides & porters.

    10 Those who went recently can stress that there’s no reason not to go, show us the beautiful country & people.

    11. Revive old blogs/posts we’ve written about Nepal to increase traveller’s desires/confidence to go

    12. Be aware of issues, organisations working on relief & learn what we can do that will be effective to the Nepalese community.

    13. If choosing to travel with a ‘voluntourism’ company, check their credentials/testimonials are they really contributing?

    14. Continue talking, writing and spread the word to keep it in the public eye

    15. Talking about it is a great start, as with Greece, but there is a real threat of confusion, misinformation and inaction.

    16. Be one of the first to reopen the tourism industry in Nepal and just GO!

    17. Pressure governments to attenuate and update the warnings of travelling to Nepal

    18. Being a responsible traveller, do whatever we can. Explore the Nepal by exploring blog, places and many more

    19. Bloggers are ideally placed to give realistic views of any area and dispel the media paranoia, misinformation and misapprehension.

  • What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal?

    05 Aug


    When ever crises happened in any country, tourism always have a long term impact. The first downfall start from cancelled booking and for worst cost it may take long time to make it normal as earlier. There is no doubt 7.8 magnitude of earthquake happened on 25th April and aftershocks has badly hit the tourism sector of Nepal.

    It passed more than 3 months, and it seems most of other industry seems almost back to normal. But the tourism of Nepal which depend on the foreigners at maximum still struggling to tell the world Tourism Activities is back to business in Nepal. And even good than ever, People are promoting a destination than their company and service.

    It is going on positive way but it look like there need to work more to tell what Nepal is Now.

    So on 4th August of 2015, Hjörtur Smárason, who was in Nepal for few days to train the NepalNow Task team, bloggors, reporters and Tour Operators on how to promote during this crises proposed Nepal as topic of discussion in #TTOT.

    The first question was on what is the concerns of foreigner about travelling Nepal? And here is what people said:

    1. I can’t go Nepal right now.
    2. I don’t have any concerns, I’d go tomorrow, genuinely I would drop everything to return to a favourite place
    3. I wouldn’t want to be seen as a “disaster tourist”. From a purely practical viewpoint: Getting anywhere might be troublesome now
    4. I’d hate to think my requirements as a visitor took people or equipment away from rebuilding infrastructure
    5. I worry that by going there, we may cause more hassle than benefit to the local communities who actually need to re-build.
    6. People thinking it’s not safe anymore. Nepal is such an incredible place – definitely one of our favourite
    7. Receiving accurate credible information. So many conflicting reports & warnings from governments & press
    8. Worrying about being a hindrance. Most people want to help, but sometimes flocking to ‘help’ might not actually be helpful.
    9. Maybe joining a enuine and useful NGO as a volunteer would be best. I’d be up for that too
    10. Worried I would be getting in the way of relief efforts. An extra person in a country where I am not currently ‘wanted’
    11. Taking valuable beds/accom from those who need them more would be my primary concern.
    12. nothing to worry about, it’s actually your time to give hand or help to re-build. Why not travel and volunteer altogether?
    13 If I was going right this minute then my own ignorance. I’ve caught the odd documentary over the years, but nothing encyclopedic.
    14 Understanding the background of the current political and social conditions
    15. We think tourism can only be a positive force for Nepal. The country is simply beautiful & its people so welcoming
    16. While many tourists have good intentions, without informed guidance they can do more harm than good.
    17. At times like this I am strikingly aware of my lack of any useful skills whatsoever. Best to leave it to the people who can help.

    It looks like people are stuck with Earthquake incident only and they don’t know the changed after it. The news and the messages comes from the different media and INGO is making them confusing which means they need some evidence than just saying.


    Are you agree with this? Or you have different concerns? Write the comments and help us to recover the Tourism of Nepal.

  • Top 10 Question that you might have on your mind about Nepal after Earthquake

    30 Jun

    Earthquake affected more people outside than the people inside Nepal, The most information which spread all over the world fueled by poor journalism has created the different imagination of world. So people who are thinking to come Nepal are on dilemma and have lots of question on mind, so here we want to share you what top 10 questions are on mind of foreigners

    1. Are the ATMs working? 

    YES all as normal as before, But better to ensure with your bank and tell them you are travelling and will be using ATMs in Nepal #stillWithdraw

    2. Is electricity still working?

    YES as usual, We are matched to normal ‘load-shedding’ schedules, #stillLoadshedding

    3. Is Everest Buried?

    There was news that Everest has sunk about a centimetre or moved toward china but so far no scientific surveys have been completed with published results. But don’t worry Everest is #stillStanding 

    4. Is Kathmandu flattened? 

    Definitely not! Most parts of the city are working as normal. In many places you would not know there had been an earthquake – this includes the major tourism hub of Thamel. #stillHigh

    5. Are you living above a rubble mound? 

    No and there are very few piles of rubble around, the majority have now been managed or are in the process of being managed and removed. #stillClean

    6. Does the phone and Internet work?

    All communication systems work as you would normally expect. #stillSurfing

    7. Can i get food easily? 

    Most of the favourite and popular restaurants are open for business as usual but the same travel advice applies as it always has done – use hand gel and avoid small ‘local’ back street restaurants to stay healthy. Many restaurants are closing early (9pm) but only because there is so little trade #stillTasty

    8. Which hotel is safe to stay in Kathmandu, Nagarkot?

    Nearly all of the top end  hotels have been checked and are now open as before, certainly the high profile (not necessarily the most expensive) ones are. The majority of Thamel hotels have not yet had  government engineers surveys but they are open for business as normal. When considering a hotel choice please look for the ‘Green Sticker’, the official survey stamp that the building is safe. http://www.drupartment.com/nepal-hotel-status  Check our portal for hotels that are open for business as normal #stillSafe

    9. Are the helicopters still commandeered by the Government or can we hire them for sightseeing trips?

    Yes they are offering all the usual site-seeing trips #stillFlying

    10.  Are hill airstrips still in tacked?

    Yes all are operating as usual subject to the normal weather conditions. #stillfly


    Read more information from here http://nepaltraveladvisory.blogspot.com/

  • Want to Help Nepal, Return Nepal

    29 Jun

    7.8 rector scale earthquake and many predicted aftershock, has left thousands of death people and big scar in the Nepalese livelihood. Still people are showing their spirit to grow again. Nepalese are not the type of people to sit and dwell on trouble. They are proactive in rebuilding the damage and in working within the tourism industry. The tourism industry is slowly and steady getting back to normal.

    Tourism has been taken as the major sector of income in our country Nepal. It is the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue, and many jobs here, are depended on the daily inflow of the tourist. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, more than 8% of the country’s $19.29 billion GDP in 2013 came from Nepal’s tourism industry. After earthquake many tourist cancel their plan to visit Nepal thinking Nepal wouldn’t be same and safe. Leaving some part of country, other part are safe and untouched by the earthquake. The history hasn’t been changed. The culture, tourist like to see are still here. The food, they want to taste still smells the best. The warmth in the people smile are still visible. The feeling of being in heaven is still roaming in the corner of Nepal.

    Support Nepal

    Places like: pokhara, bandipur, chitwan, lumbini are still safe. Hotels and restaurants in the tourist quarter of Kathmandu known as Thamel are open. Everest base camp trek, annapurna trek, annapurna base camp mardi himal are all open to provide the stunning views and breathtaking mountain range. Most of the region are still safe including mustang and dolpa trails. Majority of temples in Kathmandu valley, like Pashupatinath, boudhanath, kumari house of patan, Kathmandu and bhaktapur, Nyatapola etc, are still standing. As per Tourism Recovery Committee of Nepal, Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and swayambhunath are already open. All the international and national airports are in operational with zero damage. There have been no outbreaks of viral diseases of influenza. so, Nepal is safe to visit.

    All Heritage Site open

    This is the time of rebuilding in Nepal. It’s a time when Nepal needs visitors more than ever. If you really want to help Nepal, book a ticket for you holidays now. This will help the victim people to sustain their lifestyle. Want to help Nepal, then visit Nepal. In the case of the recent Nepal earthquake, there is a lot of empathy for how the Nepalese  have coped and the images of determination and resilience that were broadcast around the world may have led to much admiration, and encouraged tourists to explore the culture of Nepal further in future.

    Still confused about Safety in Nepal ? Is Nepal safe to travel  read this : Is Nepal safe to Travel ?

  • Is Nepal safe to Travel?

    28 Jun

    You might have this question, But i want to tell you. Nepal is known for adventurer and thrilling experience which sometime may not be 100% safe. But as the situation created after earthquake, it’s seems obvious question from everyone who want to come in Nepal

    Is Nepal is Safe to travel now?

    One of the sector that directly impacted after 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal occurred on 25 April 2015 is undoubtedly Tourism. It’s not because of damage created by it but the message spread about the situation through media created the humor and fear on heart of people who was not in Nepal.

    Now it has been more than 2 month cross, most of the things already become normal. But Tourism sector is struggling to bring tourism inside country. The major concern about the safety from tourist is obvious but the problem is how they believe it.

    Here is the points to justify the concern about safety.

    1. The most information which spread all over the world is either fueled by poor journalism or inundate advice from Governments.

    2. Nepal is always known as safe destination but now it is even more safe, The People are very hospitable and they are making even better to make easier and to abolish fear on people coming in this time.

    3. Lots of INGO, volunteers and rescuer  came here after earthquake, Have you heard anything wrong with them. Even today lots of people are here with family and they are happy to be here.

    4. Routes, which are affected or supposed to be a danger are already close to prevent from further damage.

    5. If you see the statistics, 14 out of 75 districts, 3 of 35 trekking routes, 1 of 8 UNESCO World Heritage, 3 of 18 national park were affected  during quake.

    6. We have trained drivers on EQ preparedness, so your trips will have lesser risk than before.

    7. The hotel have conducted a self-assessment, have been checked by authorities and later by us, and we can vouch for them.

    8. We have started a training program for our guides so that when you come you will go with better trained guides

    9. We are assessing all our trips currently for risk.

    Nepal Tourism Safe