• Flight From kathmandu to Manang

    27 Jan

    Flight from Kathmandu to Manang Information


    Title Description
    Airport name Manang airport
    Airport type Public
    IATA/airport code NGX
    Date of first service Oct, 1966
    Location Manang (district) , Gandaki (zone) Nepal
    Airlines Nepal Airlines, Tara Airlines
    Free baggage 20-25 kg depending on the type of ticket and the airlines.
    Top Tourist Attraction Annapurna Mountain Range
    Flight duration about 40 minutes


     Flight Information(Kathmandu-Manang)


    Flights from Kathmandu to Manang takes around 40 minutes.On load basis,The flights are scheduled by Tara Airlines and Nepal Airlines.There are no direct flights from Kathmandu to Manang.So, passengers have to first take flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and take another flight from Pokhara to Manang.The fare cost for this route depends on airlines to airlines and types of ticket.


    About Manang


    Manang is the biggest village situated at an altitude of 3540 meters in the trans himalayan region of Nepal.Manang has been an essential base for trekkers and mountaineers exploring this area.So,flight to Manang is a  best option to trek around the Annapurna Mountain Range.Upon entering the Manang,there is a joyful,magical feelings,almost like a child in a candy shop. The tranquil beauty of this magnificent city lures tourists and adds some of the most cherished moment in your life. The warm hospitality will surely attract your attention and make you fall in love with this majestic village. The sound of silence, the subtle whistles of wind and eye popping view mountain ranges will make you to visit manang again and again.In sum, Manang is a gorgeous place and good destination for those who have enough time to spend around mountain.

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