• Flight From Kathmandu to Tumlingtar

    27 Jan

    Flights from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar Information


    Title Description
    Airport name Tumlingtar airport
    Airport type Public
    IATA/airport code IMK
    Date of first service Oct, 1972
    Location Sankhuwasabha (district), Koshi (zone), Nepal
    Airlines yeti airline (YT 752), Buddha airline (U4 282)
    No.of Flights Per Day 2
    Free baggage 20-25 kg depending on the type of ticket and the airlines.
    Airfare NPR/USD 5685/139
    Flight duration about 25 minutes
    Flight distance 186 km

    The date of first service of tumlingtar airport is Oct 7, 1997. The airport IATA code  of this airport is IMK. Though Tumlingtar can be reached by road but airway is the best option of everyone. There are several flights from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar. On daily basis, there are 2 flights scheduled by two major airlines and they are Buddha and Yeti airlines. The flight duration between Kathmandu to tumlingtar is 25-30 minutes. People visiting from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar are allowed to carry total 27kg baggage including 7kg hand carry. The one way fare is NPR 5685 provided by both airlines.

    About Tumlingtar

    Tumlingtar is a city, in eastern Nepal, between Arun river and Sabha river in koshi zone. Flight to tumlingtar is a best option to trek around Makalu region which is absolutely wonderful. Makalu region is surrounded by very beautiful view. There are so many things to do in tumlingtar, and seeing  manakamana of tumlingtar is just one of them. Tumlingtar is a place where nature’s intact beauties are still remained. The environment of tumlingtar is so refreshing that people visiting tumlingtar are bound to go back.

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